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The Goodwood Members’ Meeting – 2018 – Part I – by Peter Aylward

Peter Aylward returns once again, this time with imagery from the 77th Goodwood Members’ Meeting, an event hosted exclusively for members of the Goodwood Road Racing Club and its fellowship. As the Goodwood Estate states: “the Members’ Meeting is an epic sell-out weekend of motor racing and high-speed track demonstrations, featuring all kinds of cars […]

Chasing The Dream – Brandon Miller’s 1984 R30 Nissan Skyline

I first encountered Brandon Miller’s work nearly 15 years ago. Photos of his gorgeous white E34, perched atop AC-Schnitzer Type 3s and photographed beautifully beneath a bridge, are permanently embedded into my mind. The photos marked the start of years of back-and-forth between us, ranging from photography to cars and everything in between. In the […]

Blacked Out – A Second Look at Alex Steff’s BMW E9 3.0 – Mike Crawat Photography

It’s Thursday, which universally signals the end of the week: we’re almost there, and we’re almost done. If you’re stateside, there’s a decent change you’re prepping for departure in anticipation of this weekend’s Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion: one of, if not the biggest vintage motorsports events in the country each year. If you’re one of […]

In The Shop With StanceWorks – Episode 2 – Brought To You By Turtle Wax

In Episode 2 of In the Shop with StanceWorks, Mike takes us “From Then to Now” with a brief look back at the history of his E36 and its current condition as its prepped for a complete build overhaul. Mike follows with a look into his newest project car, an ’87 E30 M3 race car, […]

Preserved – Luigi di Gioia’s 1964 Volkswagen Beetle

Since its introduction in 1938 until 2003 when the last one rolled off the assembly line, Volkwagen has built more than 21,500,000 aircooled Beetles. Yes, that’s a lot. Surprisingly, though, it’s part of what makes Luigi di Gioia’s ’64 Beetle all the more impressive… It’s astoundingly rare to find classic, unrestored examples in such condition, […]

Garage Welt – Narek Isayan’s S54-Powered E36 M3 Sedan

The E36 hasn’t always been the car it is today. For years, it has spent time as the least-appreciated M car of them all: a sort of “every man’s M3” lacking the intricacies that make the Ms that precede and succeed it so special. A decade ago, it was claimed that E36s would never be worth their […]

The Process of Creation – Roddy Turner’s SR20-powered 510 Wagon

We were five or six days into our trip, four-wheeling our way across the Colorado wilderness. As we made our way down the 550 freeway, we descended upon Ouray County’s only stoplight, nestled in Ridgway where the 62 freeway meets the 550. With a town population of less than 1,000, it’s a quiet place, perched at the doorstep […]

When Cars Beckon – Can-Am Mini Challenge 2017

Cars are a funny thing. They are the reason that you’re here reading this article, they’re probably the catalyst for a number of your friendships, they often motivate our actions and influence our decisions, and on one particular morning, cars were the reason that my alarm had gone off far too early. I found myself sitting […]

From The Reels – Journeymen – The Past Restored

In 2015, a group of friends formed what they call a “like-minded enthusiast collective” in Cape Town, South Africa. Calling their collective Journeymen, they’ve set out to create a home-away -from-home of sorts, catered to the restoration of their beloved classic cars. Equipped to tackle almost anything, their “hobby shop” is one to envy, having […]

Staying True – The Onassis Porsche 356 #115368GT

There’s a group of guys over in Germany focused on the artistry of the air-cooled automobile, and with each photoset that they toss into my inbox, I’m more and more impressed by their vision and taste. As evidenced by a number of Porsche builds that have graced the pages here on StanceWorks (911T + 912), […]

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