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The 77th Goodwood Members’ Meeting – Part I – by Peter Aylward

“Good things come to those who wait,” or so they say at least. It piggy-backs on the sentiment of “patience is a virtue,” and while both seem nonsensical when in the throes of restlessness, it does ring true on at least some occasions. Peter Aylward returns once again, this time with imagery from the 77th Goodwood Members’ Meeting, […]

So.Cal Vintage 2019 – A Vintage BMW Gathering

Fall is fleeting at best here in Southern California. Summer lingers on, well into October without fail. Eventually, something that vaguely resembles “winter” arrives, and with it, “frigid temps” that sometimes dip as low as the 40s. For a brief few days, however, there is a momentary semblance of “fall,” with brisk morning air, warm […]

The Highlight Reel – SEMA 2019

SEMA is, in most ways, the automotive event of the year. While it’s technically an industry trade show, it has evolved into far more, and stands to showcase everything there is to know about the year that has passed, and the year that is to come, all under one (or rather, a few) absolutely massive roof. There’s a lot […]

The Cars That Beat Porsche – The IMSA AAGT 1975 Chevy DeKon Monza – #1002

I’m not entirely sure if I’ve ever actually seen a Chevy Monza on the road. Sold from 1975 to 1980, it’s not entirely surprising, considering it was somewhat of an economy car car built some 45 years ago, and to suggest that the Monza isn’t a pop culture hit is a bit of an understatement. Nevertheless, […]

The Daily Grind – Trucks Galore

It’s all but impossible to believe that we’re already nearing the end of 2019. It seems like I’ve only just begun writing the date on checks correctly, not needing to scribble out an “18” to look more like a poorly-written “19”, but SEMA is just two weeks away, and we’re hardly more than two months […]

Coachbuilt – Paweł Świercz’s 1987 BMW E30 Baur TC2 – Photographed by Piotr Błaszkiewicz

Those quirky “sorta convertible, sorta not” tops. That’s what Baur is largely synonymous with in the classic BMW realm. For fans of classic roundel and normal-sized-kidney sporting BMWs, it’s unlikely that a Baur example hasn’t crossed your path at some point or another, but for many out there, the concept is as foreign as they […]

The Drivers Meeting – Episode 5

After a short hiatus, we’re back! This week, on The Drivers Meeting, we cover everything from Group B rally cars, the RWB craze, for better or worse, and shamelessly new StanceWorks apparel. We invite you to join us weekly, Tuesday evenings at 7PM on the StanceWorks instagram as we live-stream each week’s episodes. Join in on […]

Aesthetics – Craig Metros’s 1932 Ford Coupe – by Jonathan Szczupak

A simple glance at Craig Metros’s ’32 Ford will establish a few things rather quickly: he’s a man of good taste, for one. With a car that balances traditional styling, modern touches, and quintessential hot rodding principles, it’s easy to trust the other types of builds that he’s likely to turn out. However, that’s where […]

Classic Lines – Ethan James’s Big-Bumpered E30 Coupe

It was a few weeks ago that photographer and friend of StanceWorks, Eric Dowd, reached out with the latest of his work to share with us. Presented with some fantastic photos of a rather nice, simple E30, we were eager to share ourselves. Ethan James has put together an E30 with a tried and true recipe, […]

Following Function – Bassam Michiel’s KW-Equipped Time Attack E36

Bassam Michiel’s E36 is a difficult one to describe. It probably won’t be labeled as the “prettiest” car in the world, but I don’t think Bassam minds. On the other hand, it’s clearly “purpose built,” as a very competitive car in the Global Time Attack series. Oddly enough, the word “humorous” comes to mind, with the car still sporting […]

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