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Coachbuilt – Paweł Świercz’s 1987 BMW E30 Baur TC2 – Photographed by Piotr Błaszkiewicz

Those quirky “sorta convertible, sorta not” tops. That’s what Baur is largely synonymous with in the classic BMW realm. For fans of classic roundel and normal-sized-kidney sporting BMWs, it’s unlikely that a Baur example hasn’t crossed your path at some point or another, but for many out there, the concept is as foreign as they […]

Ultraviolet – Clemens Janous’s MK1 Volkswagen Scirocco GTi – Photographed by Mike Crawat

In the early 1970s, Volkswagen was well aware that their Karmann Ghia platform was due for a replacement. Having been in production since 1955, its nearly 20-year-long run was well earned but well worn in. As a replacement, the internally-designated “Typ 53” Scirocco coupe was born. Designed by the absolutely legendary Giorgetto Giugiaro, and loosely based on the […]

Order & Progress – Renan Roberto’s Brazilian Chamonix Speedster

Chuck Beck’s name has long been synonymous with the best Porsche replicas on planet Earth. While authentic 356 coupes, speedsters, and 904s are well out-of-reach for the common man, Beck’s namesake has been attached to some of the best recreations money can buy, and for going on nearly 40 years. In 1987, Chuck Beck sought […]

Diamond In The Back – Cesar Luna’s 1990 Toyota Century Limo

  There are few better examples of excess in the 80’s and 90’s than the limousine. Toyota created the Century sedan decades prior, but didn’t make the stretched model until Japan’s economy bubble of the late 80s. Japan was experiencing unparalleled prosperity at the time, and had swapped their previous identity of an earnest, austere society […]

2017: My Year In Photos

I’m pretty sure I can officially call this post a “tradition” now. Or maybe I have before, I can’t say for sure. A year ago was, well, a year ago, and a lot has happened since… and in more ways than one. 2017 was a unique year: it was one in which I promised myself […]

A Grand Touring – Alex Siren’s E28 535i Touring

If there’s one thing BMW did extraordinarily well in the 1980s, it was perfecting the grand tourer. That is, of course, if you ask me. I may be alone in suggesting there’s no better example of both era and machine that represent a perfect balance between the driving experience as an enthusiast, and the driving experience […]

Kevin Legaspi’s HR31 Skyline Passage Sedan

It’s not all too often that I come across a car that excites me. Perhaps it’s a bad sign: nearly a decade of writing feature articles and submerging myself in the depths of automotive social media have left me a bit jaded. In fact, it’s a running joke; “Mike doesn’t like anything,” and rooted within […]

The 345i – The E21 That Never Was

There’s no denying that when it comes to the classic BMW lineup, the E21 seems all but forgotten. Overshadowed by the E30, and often lamented for its use of CIS injection, the E21 has fanatics for it few and far between. However, as the eldest brother of the 3-series lineage, there are a few that have earned […]

Who Killed The Petrol-Powered Car? The Tesla Roadster, That’s Who.

Yesterday, the world changed. A little bit, at least, if you ask me. Yesterday offered that “clicking” moment where I think a few million of us finally realized that we’re living in the future; we’re living in a world where science fiction has become reality. If you somehow missed it, Boston Dynamics, known for making […]

Between Tokyo and Munich – My ’92 BMW 525i Touring – By Keith Ross

I’ve been on a nostalgia kick lately. Having owned a few late model BMWs in my life, I had finally come to the conclusion that I needed one that was a relative classic. I decided I would aim for the mid ’80s to early ’90s to capture the feeling of when I first became acquainted […]

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