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Porsche inicia vendas regulares do Macan no Brasil; SUV parte de R$ 329 mil

Com pré-venda iniciada em novembro de 2018 (leia aqui), durante o Salão do Automóvel de São Paulo, o reestilizado Macan enfim aporta no Brasil. Com 301 exemplares reservados nesse período, que serão entregues a partir dos próximos dias, o SUV chega ao …

The Result of Obsession – Emotion Engineering’s “Project Nasty” Porsche 911

For better or worse, standing out in the world of 911s presents a challenge. In a segment of the community filled with high-end shops and high-dollar customers, RS replicas and backdated bodies are met with flawless restorations and machines built for display at the likes of the Monterey historics. It’s a niche rich with the […]

More details on Lanzante’s F1-engined Porsche 930 restomod

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How do 503 hp and 9,000 rpm in a 2,430-pound Porsche 911 sound?Continue reading More details on Lanzante’s F1-engined P…

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