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The Daily Grind – Setting Up an E28

It was a few weeks ago, with the shop door wide open, that a fellow BMW enthusiast spotted the slew of E28s inside the StanceWorks HQ. Driving an absolutely gorgeous 535iS of his own, he pulled up outside, eager to talk shop and gather opinions. It wasn’t long before he asked about suspension options, having […]

The StanceWorks-Family SEMA 2017 Recap – Part I

We can safely say it: we’ve survived yet another SEMA. Even after attending my ninth SEMA this year, they don’t get any easier. It’s a week-long challenge for the feet, the joints, and the liver, thanks to alcohol-fueled antics that follow the show each night. This year was a resounding success, not only for ourselves […]

“R Own Take” – The H&R Springs 911 R-inspired Beetle R-Line

There’s a long-running joke – something about how Porsche 911s are just fancy Volkswagen Beetles. I’m sure there are a dozen-and-one variants, and truth be told, I’ve probably said them all in passing. There’s no denying there are vast differences between the two, especially now in 2017; on the other hand, however, there’s no denying just how similar […]

Fitting an E30 with H&R’s Complete Coilover System

For every classic BMW fan, there are a few universal truths. For one, there’s no car quite like one with a Roundel… although that may be a bit subjective. Another, a bit more inarguable, is the limited suspension options available for these classic cars. While a McPherson strut assembly is tried and true – and still used on BMWs […]

Paint is Dead – WrapWorks Gives the StanceWorks Group A Tribute E28 Build its Colors

After purchasing the ’84 533i that would become the my Group A tribute build in early July of this year, I sat down with Andrew to decide exactly where to take the project as a whole. I knew what I wanted, large and by far, but a few important details had yet to be ironed […]

Rally Inspired – The H&R X StanceWorks Ford Focus RS SEMA 2016 Build

Believe it or not, it’s not all vintage cars here at the StanceWorks HQ. While over the past few years, Andrew and I have done little to bring new steel through the shop door, it doesn’t come unwelcome. Just a handful of weeks ago, the team at H&R dropped off their latest project vehicle: the all-new Focus […]

Restoring Glory – The H&R Feurorange BMW E30 318is

Behind the big desk at H&R sits Roland Graef, a man who’s enthusiasm for classic BMWs is paralleled only by our own. The desire to build an E28 or E30 all his own has been growing for years, and fittingly, so has a large collection of parts for such a build. When Bob Tunnel from BimmerHaus mentioned that a […]

The “Parts Car” – Mike Burroughs’s 1984 Group A-inspired E28 M5 Tribute: Unveiled

It was nearly 10 years ago that I bought my first E28: a polaris silver 528e, for a total of $400. It was far from love at first sight – in fact, I bought it only to satisfy the sense of need I felt after finding a BMW that seemed far too cheap to pass […]

Sound Reasoning – The BavSound F80 M3

It was more than a decade ago, in 2004, that three young BMW fanatics turned their attention to their car’s stereo system. Their 1998 Titanium Silver M3 was, like most BMWs, in desperate need of audio attention. Even now, BMW’s reputation isn’t built upon the quality of their sound systems, and as an integral part […]

Behind H&R – Christian Heine’s BMW E9 3.0 CSi

“Would you like to see the E9?” I was asked. We had just finished our tour of the H&R factory, and shortly after, our original itinerary had us on our way back to Essen for the final days of the Essen Motor Show. The prospect of seeing an E9 – Christian Heine’s E9 – was […]

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